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About Us

After many years of practicing as a Certified Veterinary Technician and seeing the need for a store that not only sells products and animals, but also can educate the new owners, Petpourri was opened. With a combined 37 years of experience in the Animal Health Field, we opened our store in 1990 at its present location. After years of helping confused or distressed pet owners, we decided to open a web page to reach more people.

Our products are picked for their quality and dependability instead of price. We also have different products made for us, some of which can be seen on this web page, or in our store. Most of the products we sell have been tested by our store before we put them on the shelves to sell.

We sell not only the usual products, but also the unusual and hard to find items. We also carry natural pet products(Natural Life Pet Foods) as well as herbs and homoepathic products made by Nature's Sunshine

Our store prides itself on the care of its animals. Many of our own personal pets are on display for you to see how to keep them and to ask questions about them. This way, more people can see how a pet should behave in its natural environment. Many people even ask us to create an environment for them.

We believe in giving pets the best environment suitable for their species. Anyone can do this if they research their animals' habitat before purchasing the animal. Remember, a stress free animal is a happy animal. Both you and your pet will get more out of the relationship if the pet isn't constantly stressed. We would be happy to assist you in your pet projects. Check out our site for information on animals and ordering supplies.

Happy Critter Keeping

Steve and Kathy